Research that empowers decision-making

Perception and Awareness

How is your brand perceived by those that matter most: constituents, prospects, target consumers, and community?

Affinity and Connection

Do people feel something for your brand?  Why or why not?  

Consideration and Intent

What factors are correlated with intent? What will ultimately help drive the action that fuels yours business goals?

Products & Services

Brand Health Tracking


Our proprietary Brand Health Score and tracking process allows you to keep a consistent benchmark on how your brand rates among your target demographic.  

Audience Profiling


The full spectrum of consumers and how they relate to or connect with your brand, from avid and loyal to casual and aspirational customers.  We define multiple personas that will help guide your marketing strategy.

Research Foundations

brand health tracking market research surveys data analysis

When dedicated researchers and data managers are not part of your in-house team, we can help you audit your efforts and implement best practices to ensure reliable and consistent data capture and insight implementation.